Mar. 15th, 2008

[Fic] To Be Your Harbor, Angelo/Jessica

Title: To Be Your Harbor
Fandom: Dragon Quest VIII
Character/Pairing: Angelo/Jessica
Rating: Not Worksafe
Warnings: none
Word Count: 1,592
Written For: [info]ides_of_march(Prompt 1: Elements)
Summary: Jessica is afraid of storms at sea.

The storm blew up so suddenly as they approached the Northwest Isle that Angelo half suspected it of being Dhoulmagus's doing. )

Mar. 11th, 2008

[Fic] Catch You When You Fall, Jessica/Angelo

Title: Catch You When You Fall
Fandom: Dragon Quest VIII
Character/Pairing: Jessica/Angelo
Rating: Not Worksafe
Warnings: bondage, tentacles (vines, really)
Word count: 3,061
Summary: A late night visit to Jessica's room, and trust and questions of boundaries.
Written For: [info]kinkfest(Prompt: Jessica/Angelo: domination and bondage - remembering what it was like to be evil)

Orkutsk had seemed blazingly hot when they first entered. )

Mar. 4th, 2008

[Fic] So Does Hope, Eight/Medea

Title: So Does Hope
Fandom: Dragon Quest VIII
Character/Pairing: Eight/Medea
Rating: Not Worksafe
Warnings: none
Word Count: 1,255
Written For: [info]ides_of_march (Prompt 8: Spring)
Spring meant Trodain was alive with flowers, bursting with life and color and light. )

[Fic] Three Sides of a Bargain, Red/Eight/Yangus

Title: Three Sides of a Bargain
Fandom: Dragon Quest VIII
Pairing: Red/Eight/Yangus
Rating: not worksafe
Warnings: drunken threesome sex (with possibly the tiniest of consent issues, due to the drunkenness)
Word count: 2,624
Written For: [info]kinkfest (Prompt: Yangus/Red/Eight: hero worship/jealousy - "Wot's so special 'bout him?")

Wot's so special 'bout him? )

Mar. 1st, 2008

[Fic] Fever Dreams, Angelo POV

Title: Fever Dreams
Fandom: Dragon Quest VIII
Character/Pairing: Jessica/tentacles, Angelo/Templars
Rating: Not Worksafe
Warnings: tentacles, non-con, underage
Word Count: 1,375
Written For: [info]ides_of_march (Prompt 21: Places)
Summary: Just nightmares...or are they? Spoilers for Arcadia.
His head pounded, his eyes felt filled with grit. )

Feb. 12th, 2008

[Fic] The Rhythm of Your Breathing, Eight/Jessica/Angelo

Title: The Rhythm of Your Breathing
Fandom: Dragon Quest VIII
Character/Pairing: Eight/Jessica/Angelo
Rating: Not Worksafe
Warnings: m/f/m sex
Word Count: 1012
Written For: [info]fictunes Valentine Challenge 08 (Music: Trembling Blue Stars - "The Rhythm of Your Breathing")
Summary: Life really shouldn't have been easier while they were chasing down an ancient evil bent on plunging their world into darkness.

Most of the time, Eight appreciated the promotion King Trode had granted him. )