Aug. 22nd, 2009

[fic] The Price of Power, vines (Rhapthorne)/Marcello

Title: The Price of Power
Fandom: Dragon Quest VIII
Character/Pairing: Rhapthorne/Marcello
Rating: Not Worksafe
Warnings: game spoilers, non-con/tentacle rape
Word Count: 302

He didn't know what had awakened him... )

Jun. 24th, 2009

[Fragment] Streetrat-verse, tentacular attack

You know, it's sad when you can't remember where/if you posted something, and so have to post it again... Potentially triggery content behind the cut.

Angelo hit the deck hard, the air knocked out of him. )

Mar. 11th, 2008

[Fic] Catch You When You Fall, Jessica/Angelo

Title: Catch You When You Fall
Fandom: Dragon Quest VIII
Character/Pairing: Jessica/Angelo
Rating: Not Worksafe
Warnings: bondage, tentacles (vines, really)
Word count: 3,061
Summary: A late night visit to Jessica's room, and trust and questions of boundaries.
Written For: [info]kinkfest(Prompt: Jessica/Angelo: domination and bondage - remembering what it was like to be evil)

Orkutsk had seemed blazingly hot when they first entered. )

Mar. 1st, 2008

[Fic] Fever Dreams, Angelo POV

Title: Fever Dreams
Fandom: Dragon Quest VIII
Character/Pairing: Jessica/tentacles, Angelo/Templars
Rating: Not Worksafe
Warnings: tentacles, non-con, underage
Word Count: 1,375
Written For: [info]ides_of_march (Prompt 21: Places)
Summary: Just nightmares...or are they? Spoilers for Arcadia.
His head pounded, his eyes felt filled with grit. )