Aug. 22nd, 2009

[fic] The Price of Power, vines (Rhapthorne)/Marcello

Title: The Price of Power
Fandom: Dragon Quest VIII
Character/Pairing: Rhapthorne/Marcello
Rating: Not Worksafe
Warnings: game spoilers, non-con/tentacle rape
Word Count: 302

He didn't know what had awakened him... )

Mar. 15th, 2008

[Fic] Thirteen Years and Counting, Marcello/Angelo

Title: Thirteen Years and Counting
Fandom: Dragon Quest VIII
Character/Pairing: Marcello/Angelo
Rating: Not Worksafe
Warnings: non-con, underage, incest
Word Count: 529
Written For: [info]ides_of_march(Prompt 2: Earth)
Summary: Marcello takes Angelo's discipline into his own, er, hands.

He had often been threatened with the dungeon for his misbehavior. )

Mar. 1st, 2008

[Fic] The Quiet Night, Eight/(Angelo)/(Jessica)

Title: The Quiet Night
Fandom: Dragon Quest VIII
Character/Pairing: Eight/(Angelo)/(Jessica)
Rating: Not Worksafe
Warnings: dub-con, blood, altered perceptions
Word Count: 372
Written For: [info]ides_of_march (Prompt 10: Winter)
Summary: I have no idea, honestly.
The snow muffled things, and Eight knew he should be wary of that. )

[Fic] Fever Dreams, Angelo POV

Title: Fever Dreams
Fandom: Dragon Quest VIII
Character/Pairing: Jessica/tentacles, Angelo/Templars
Rating: Not Worksafe
Warnings: tentacles, non-con, underage
Word Count: 1,375
Written For: [info]ides_of_march (Prompt 21: Places)
Summary: Just nightmares...or are they? Spoilers for Arcadia.
His head pounded, his eyes felt filled with grit. )