May. 7th, 2011

[drabble] Odds Are (Angelo; Dragon Quest VIII)

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Title: Odds Are
Fandom: Dragon Quest VIII
Wordcount: 100
Rating: gen
Notes: Originally posted 5/7/11 as part of Three Weeks for Insane Journal. Written for the prompt "Summer" on my Ides of March prompt table.

If the fabled lands of Orkutsk were endless winter, and the lands just south forever autumn, then, Angelo thought bitterly, surely the lands of the Dragon's Graveyard were an eternal summer. An eternal miserable, hot, blistering summer, with far more sand than he ever wanted to see again. And that was before one took into account the fire beasts and the thrice bedamned scorpions, and the bloody brat they were escorting.

All this just to get the Baccarat casino re-opened.

Angelo was seriously beginning to consider the possibility that Marcello had been right. Maybe he really should give up gambling.